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The Panther's Response - When will I receive my excess aid check?

Excess aid checks

When your financial aid funds are more than your university charges, the excess will be sent to you. Currently this is in the form of a check through the mail.  However, the university is working toward allowing students to sign up for direct deposit to an account of their choosing.  The amount of the excess/refund will be determined by your outstanding university charges minus the total of financial aid disbursed. You can review these amounts on your PAWS account. 

The disbursement of aid begins 10 days prior to the start of the semester.  The first group of excess cash checks is mailed approximately 5 days before the start of classes. Financial aid will continue to disburse Monday/Wednesday/and Friday nights throughout a semester.  Once you have a credit balance on your account, the Bursar Office will process your refund in approximately two days. Find more information on Disbursement here.

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