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The Panther's Response - When will I receive my financial aid?

Receiving Your Financial Aid

We begin disbursing Financial Aid funds 10 days before the first day of classes each term.  We continue disbursing funds 3 times each week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights) throughout the term. Assuming you have been awarded and you have accepted all the awards you wish to receive; you are enrolled in the correct number of credits (or have notified us if you will enroll less than full-time); all of your financial aid paperwork is completed (including any master promissory notes and entrance loan counseling);your aid should disburse.  You can check your PAWS account to confirm whether or not your aid has disbursed.  We do send numerous email announcements about a month prior to the start of the semester, so don’t forget to check your email account. Find additional details on disbursement here.

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